Category: What We Do

Parker TV Commercials

We help Stuart Advertising produce commercials and web videos for Parker, providing camera, lighting, sound and teleprompter at the scene and then editing the finished product.

Jim Parker and Sunny are both second-generation TV stars with faces very familiar to northern Idaho and eastern Washington TV viewers. They’re both at home with cameras and lighting gear taking over their showroom.

Parker Toyota Jim and Sunny

Parker Toyota commercial shoot

Nonprofit Videos

We have created several nonprofit videos, either working with other video producers or directly with nonprofit organizations, such as Reach for the Future. Check out this one:


Set-up at St. Als for Hummingbird

We were happy to work with Hummingbird Productions on several videos. We can set up a teleprompter and full location lighting to assure all our interviewees look their best. Here is a great example for Hummingbird’s production of the YWCA Women of Achievement awards video in 2015:


Setting Up A Green Screen Shoot in 24 Seconds

Watch a time lapse of Frank and Kirk setting up a studio chromakey shoot for Stuart Advertising, Mainstream Electric Heating and Cooling, and Spokane Organic and Hydroponic Supply.